Jean-Christophe's Seitenruder Mod

With some inspiration of EZstar fan pages, I have made this rudder mod. It is ultra light and very efficient (setup to +10/-10) with or without wind. Now, my EZstar just turn like a plane must turn and without axis modifications.

My rudder mod is 2 pieces of 3mm balsa attached together with epoxy 15 mins, scoop out in the center to be lightest as possible, sanding to obtain a true rudder shapping (a kind of triangular and rounded shappe). Finish is to stiffen with classical light self-adhesive poli tape (but oracover light is another solution for a more better finish).

To fix the news rudder, I use 2 classical light hinges.

For the rudder control, everything is stock except the fastening of the control cable mouted upside down.

Finaly, the result is completly another plane and CG is not affected!

Hope this help.